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Awesome Ears Helmet Gear

It all started from a trip to England in 2002, where the Awesome Ears Helmet Gear are worn by many motorcycle riders. Upon returning to the States, every time I stopped at a traffic light, I get yells or horns blowing and given the thumbs up for the Awesome Ears. Hence I now import them here in the USA for everyones enjoyment.

They bring lots of smiles but more importantly they will get the average, (invisible) motorcyclist noticed by all the Cage drivers that tend to want to run you over.

Speed tested and racetrack proven at Daytona International Speedway. Guaranteed to 165 mph yet easily removed for periodic machine washing.

Also very popular as Professional Skateboard Accessories and Inline Skate Accessories as well as with BMX Bike riders like Matt Hoffman.

Brazilian Sk8board Vert Doubles Team Medalists, Mataous Ringstrom and Sandros Dias showed off their Dog Ears at the 2003 X-Games.

They make awesome offroad motorcycle accessories. They look incredible on all custom motorcycle helmets.

Pass Pouch Transponder Covers

Bike Bits has now created the PassPouch transponder cover. There is a cover to fit all State transponders anywhere in the USA. Heavy Duty Suction cups hold your PassPouch securely to your windscreen or fuel tank for blasting through the toll booths without fumbling for change or slowing down.

The messy velcro strips won't work on Motorcycle windscreens and they don't always register when carried in your pocket. This is a must have for motorcycle touring or daily commuting. Water resistant material. Can also be used for storage of credit cards, keys or money.

Here is a partial list of the state transponder names.

  • KTAG
  • MTAG

Don't let toll booths slow down your travels. Ride Hard, Ride Fast and Ride Safe!


Microfiber Detail Cloths

The most effective polishing cloth available anywhere in the world. For discount microfiber cloths click here. For microfiber towels extra jumbo heavy weight, just feel the weight of the Waffle Weave. As a microfiber cloth distributor, I buy directly from the manufacturer in South Korea. Microfiber cloths are the ultimate "scratchless" polishing tool you could ever use on your Bike. Clean bugs, dirt and grime using only water and never ever leaving a scratch or swirl mark. Microfiber cloths also work better than a chamois for water absorpson since they will hold over 8 times their weight in liquid.

Microfiber polishing cloths are widely used by professional detailers, highend car wash operators and the car and motorcycle showperson. Just visit any local car show or motorcycle show and see the winning vehicles being preped using the amazing microfiber cloths.

Microfiber is now being used for everything from floor mops to fine furniture and of course "As Seen On TV".

Get the highest quality "scratchless" Microfiber Cloth available anywhere and bring out that high gloss shine on your vehicle, with ease, today.

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